Top 10 Best Selling Books in India 2022


Top 10 Best Selling Books in India 2022

Books are always an important part of everyone's life. There are many people who cannot live without books. You must have read many books since childhood, but there are some books that have had a more significant impact on your life. These books can really change people's lives. There are some best-selling books in India that have always been popular.

The writers of these famous books drew inspiration from many sources. India is also the home of many renowned writers. You will find many books here that were written by well-known people. Each book comes with its own stories and concepts. You will love to go through them all. Every book has some stories and creativity that can take you to the world of imagination and different thoughts. 

Here is the list of top 10 best selling books in India.

1. The God of Small Things

Arundhati Roy's book, “The God of Small Things", talks about the harsh realities of the caste system in Kerala and how it leads to political unrest in the country. The story is also about twin siblings named Estha and Rahel and how they go through many struggles in their lives. It's believed that everyone should read this book because it teaches valuable lessons about not everything in life being perfect and that you have to work hard to overcome many hurdles. Arundhati Roy is one of the best writers even to this date and her book has won many prizes.

2. Three Thousand stitches

The book's tagline is “Ordinary people with extraordinary lives." The book contains 11 stories about ordinary people living extraordinary lives. Each story is connected to one another.

This book is narrated by Sudha Murty, who will give you an insight into her perspective, her nature and her outlook on life. The book is a blatant expose of the dark side human nature, but it also shows the beauty of human nature.

This collection contains many true stories that will allow you to see life from different perspectives. This book has everything you need to enrich your reading experience, from the lives and struggles of prostitutes to the lives and struggles of the privileged to the lives and triumphs of the unprivileged.

This book's clarity in language is a credit to the author. This book is a light, but interesting read. It will teach you a lot about LIFE. You will be able to keep the book close to your heart because of its honesty. This book is a great choice if you're in a slump reading or just finished a heavier book.

3. Raavan, The Enemy of Aryabharta

In Indian mythology, Raavan is one of the strongest and fiercest enemies. In this story, Raavan is a teenage pirate who is powerful and blessed with some knowledge. He firmly believes that greatness is his right and that it will never stop him from conquering. This book was written by Amish Tripathy. He has written a lot of books about different stories, and almost all of them are great and win the minds of the readers. This book has received wide recognition and is popular among the people.

4. The White Tiger

You've probably heard of"The White Tiger," the title of the book “The White Tiger". This book was published in 2008. It is the memoir of Balram Hawai. The story of how he began his life as the child of a rickshaw driver and began his career as a chauffeur.

After a short time, he flew back to Bangalore in the wake of killing his boss. He soon became an entrepreneur with a lot of success. Balram achieved everything he wanted in his life. He's now a prosperous person with everything he'd never dreamed of being able to have. The story gives us the impression that nothing is unattainable in this world. If you are driven that you are passionate, you can do lots of things. The publication was written by Aravind Adiga.

5. One Indian Girl

This is another book created by Chetan Bhagat. This is a book that is all about contemporary Indian girls. It's the diary of a woman named Radhika Mehta, who is in an affair with two individuals. She is however getting married in a week. It's a pleasure to read and understand through to the final. Chetan Bhagat always created and wrote good stories. These stories have always captured the hearts of the young generation. It is a pleasure to hear this tale.

6. Midnight’s Children

This book is loved by readers of all times. The story is about a boy called Saleem. The boy was born in the midnight hours on the morning of Independence Day. The young man soon discovers the fact that he is able to be connected to thousands of youngsters who were born between 12 between 1 AM and 12 AM on the day.

By doing this, he can connect with them to talk about all the issues they have. This book is about his journey. The book has been composed by Salman Rushdie, who is a British writer from the UK. But, Salman Rushdie has written several Indian stories and novels that are based on the most beautiful aspects of daily life.

7. Namesake

The book was composed by Jhumpa Lahiri. While Jhumpa Lahiri isn't an Indian origin The majority of her books deal with Indian culture and society. The story is about the lives of an Indian family that lives within an American suburb. The story is about a boy known as Gogol who is the central character in the story. His father named him Gogol to honor his favorite character. However, as he grew older the Gogol hated his name. He was not happy that people would call him the name he had chosen. He concluded that it's not the name, but rather the persona which defines who you are.

He is separated from his parents. The story becomes more intriguing when he moves away and doesn't like how his parents see him. Through this tale, it is possible to learn numerous things. It is discovered that in order in order to define one's self-identity, it is important to consider many other things to consider aside from the name. Gogol is known to be adamant about his beliefs and doesn't want to alter them in any circumstance.

8. The Guide

It is yet another acclaimed Indian work that was written by R.K. Narayan. The plot of the book revolves around Railway Raju, who is an unrepentant person. The book is about his journey and how he gets in love with a dancer, and then takes the woman away from her husband. Raju is a tourist guide.

His wife was a professional dancer. Raju was extremely clever and turned this dancer into a star. Soon, fans came from all directions to see her dance performances. This led to Raju being an international celebrity and a wealthy person. Then, all of a sudden, everything was over and he was sent to prison. Through this narrative, the author has revealed numerous facts.

9. Dalals’ Street

This is another book written by an Urag Tripathi. The story of this book is about the fluctuations and ups and downs of the share market. It's about youngsters who have completed their education and are now looking for work. They were attracted by lucrative jobs. They were not aware of the reality that the market is filled with deceit and competition. They are now in the dark side. The principal goal that the author has in mind is to make children aware of scams and frauds. The book made a major influence on the lives of people.

10. A Suitable Boy

The book was written by Vikram Seth. The story of this book is about post-independence and the manner in which marriages were conducted at that time. This is the story of one girl called Lata Mehra and the way her parents and brothers attempted to have her married to a good-looking man.

Lata was a gifted girl. Her family was always looking for a man who would match her stature. The book will also take us through the system of caste in Indian society and the way it ruled the country at that time. In the end, Lata got married to the right man, whom her family chose for her. Vikram Seth's book is exquisitely written and captures the essence of Indian society.

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