Guided Publication

Respected Authors, if you have written a book and you need any help about, then In this regard, Saptarishi Publication is happy to provide these services. The publishing process includes creation, acquisition, copy editing, production, printing (and its electronic equivalents), marketing, and distribution.You can get information about the services from us. The author basically needs the following information:

  • Introduction to the book, “Two words” or “About the book” .
  • About typing ,editing, font and and font size.
  • Proof reading and spelling etc.
  • Size of book
  • Cover/title designing li
  • Interior designing of the book
  • Binding of the book
  • What to write on the back of the cover?
  • Where to put the author’s photo?

Fast Publishing The diligent team of Saptrishi Publications publishes the book within two week. The time starts when author submitted all files, photos and material related to books.