How to Publish a Book in India

How to Publish a Book in India


Want to publish your book, confused about how to publish a book in India?

Regardless of whether you are a new or renowned author, thoughts might come to your mind how to publish a book and get paid, what is the process involved? You will get the answer to these types of questions arising in your mind.

One great thing to become an author is that it doesn’t require any qualification or degree, all required is the art of storytelling. The demand for books in India is never-ending. Every year many authors publish their books, some are good, some are bad. It is the audience who decides which book they will read and which not.

So the author must do thorough research about the psychology, emotion, and feeling of people so that they can positively play with them.

It is not a tough task to make yourself popular among the masses if you did the right analysis of people tastes and adopted the right marketing strategy.

Ways of publishing book in India

There are generally four methods of publishing books in India. All of them have their pros and cons. So the author must consider the factors involved in it.

1. Traditional method

You can contact the traditional and big brands to publish your book. But the problem with a big brand is that they don’t want to work with the new authors due to reputation issues. The chances of getting your book published are high if you go with some mediocre publishing house like Saptrishi Publication in Chandigarh, India

2. Traditional Method via an Agent

It sometimes becomes stressful for an author to contact many different traditional publishing houses and maintain follow-ups. Agents assist the author to organize, send a proposal, and proper submission of work for approval.

3. Direct Self-Publishing

The 3rd method of publishing is self-publishing by using an online platform like kindle. But you have to take care of every step on your own from cover design, formatting to editing. Once you have completed all the required steps you can just upload it on their sites. They can make it in the form of a book and you can start selling by just giving a small % as a commission to them.

Tips for publishing book

  1. Write a book – 1st of all you need to have a product i.e. book. Dedicate the required amount of time to making 1st draft and then making the book.
  2. Get an outline first – outline the pages on software like Ms. Word to preview how it will look when it gets published.
  3. Write every day – write every day even for 30 min. A page is generally 250 words if you write. You can easily do so. You don’t have to wait for the right time, just sit and write whatever comes to your mind related to the topic.
  4. Story over language – language doesn’t matter if the story relates to the life of the people. So put the emotion in the story so that people can relate it to their personal life.
  5. Revise – at the initial stage do brainstorming i.e. write whatever comes to your mind, don’t edit anything, and don’t try to be perfect. In the second stage revise, revise, and revise the more you revise less error will be. Edit, add or make necessary changes if required.

Process of approaching book publisher in India

  • Make a list of publishers that you are interested in.
  • Write and send mail to them asking for the appointment. If they are interested they will respond to you back or ask you to visit.
  • If they are interested they will sign a contract after that you have to submit your manuscript
  • Their professionals will edit and polish your work making it more marketable and popular
  • If it is not mentioned in the contract then you can ask them not to make any changes to the choice of word you used just go with the flow.

Cost of publishing books in India

You must be wondering how much does it cost to publish a book. Normally publishing companies charge somewhere around Rs 8000/- to Rs 24000/- which includes cover design, isbn, book editing, formatting, etc. If you still have any queries in your mind regarding book publishing or want to publish your book in Punjab then feel free to contact us or visit Saptrishi Publication.

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