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“Let’s your words speak with Saptrishi Publication”. Being an author is an amazing experience as you can bring out your inner voice to the paper, the ever-calm listener. Are you someone who is desperate to convey or showcase your creativity, wants to rule the heart of people, or do you have something in your heart that you wish people will know?

But worry about the complication that comes in a way of book publishing. Worry not we, Saptrishi Publication, one of the best book publishing company in Chandigarh is here to help you in every step of your work.

How to write a book: a step-by-step guide

I don’t want to sugarcoat coat writing a book is a challenging task but the author is one who is always ready to take on challenges. Writing a book required determination, patience perseverance, and consistency. Always start with a small step.

  1. Have space – If you want to write like a masterpiece you need to have a spacious area where you can sit calmly and write without any disturbance. The area may be a sofa, office, and couch.
  2. Choose a topic – Although many ideas are crossing your mind the important things that are supposed to ask yourself before choosing the topic of the book are what is the book all about, who are my target readers if you have some idea on your mind then what attracted you?
  3. Make a story outline – One must spend lots of time in outlining the story. Outlining your story will act as a roadmap in your writing journey.
  4. Research – A good writer is one who do thorough research by going through libraries, journals, etc in order to present the facts whether or are writing a fictional book or nonfictional both of them require proper context and proof backing the claim.
  5. Start & stick with routine – the above-mentioned steps are essential but one must not procrastinate in writing a rough draft. Make your daily schedule and set the word count that you daily supposed to write. You have to treat yourself as a full-time writer.
    Ask your friends, and relative members to keep you updated about the daily word count and check whether you are following your routine or not.
  6. Complete your 1st draft – it is normal to feel demotivated, and get struck. Whenever you feel like getting struck go back to your outline or get some inspiration. Don’t compare your book with J.K Rowling or someone else. All you have to do is just reach the end.
  7. Time to revise & edit – a good writer revises his work many times. You can start editing on your own or ask your friends, or professional editors to help with your editing. You need an honest and critical editor so that they can point out mistakes without any bias.
  8. Move to 2 nd draft – 2 nd draft is the opportunity where you can apply your revision and edits. Ask yourself whether your 1st draft has consistency or not, is there any theme that can be stretched or strengthened? Is there any weak section of your book that can be cut entirely? There is a chance to add a strong opening and conclusion.
  9. Finally publish it – after applying all your efforts and techniques it’s time to publish your final draft with the hope of getting success. Once you publish your book it is time to relax and start planning to write another book.

Whether you are a new or a renowned author it is always better to have professional guidance who will guide you in the entire book publishing process. Saptrishi Publication is there to help you with budget options and services.

Services offered by Saptrishi Publication

  • Professional typing – Professional typing is an integral part of book publishing as it gives an error-free and polished version of the text.
  • Professional editing – Sometimes editing done by self may lead you to trouble as one may show biases toward his own work. Professional editing will save you from painful rejection and negative impressions.
  • Professional designing – In today’s world books are judged by their cover so the cover design must have professionalism in it as it gives the first impression to the reader and conveys the theme of your book.
  • Translation – Translation helps the author in reaching a wider audience as it ends the language barrier. Saptrishi Publication offers multi-language translations of books in Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, English, etc.
  • Best quality printing – Printing quality is also a key factor as it creates an impression in the mind of the reader about the value of content.
  • E-book creation – The E-book creation service is an important feature of the publishing house because in the era of the internet everything is shifting online and hence books. Nowadays people mostly prefer to read online.
  •  Professional Marketing – Printing the book is not the end of publishing the book. The days are gone when people will buy your product just because you produce it. In the competitive market environment, you have to reach out to the user to create awareness, communicate, and explain the benefits.

Why to chose Saptrishi Publication?

  • Saptrishi Publication is in the field of book publishing for 12 years.
  • More than 6000 books had been published by Saptrishi Publication till now.
  • We are one of the most economical and trusted book publisher in India.
  • Offer worldwide publicity and distribution of books.
  • Publish books for both new as well as renowned authors.
  • You can select your package according to your budget.
  • Get your book published within 15 days in printed and E-book form.
  • Reasonable book publisher in Chandigarh.
  • We translate books into Punjabi, English, Urdu, and Hindi.

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