Best Book Publisher in Chandigarh

Best Book Publisher in Chandigarh


If you are an author wanting to convert your thought into storytelling or want to paint a picture of your imagination in the heart of readers then you must need a good book publisher who can give weightage to your words.

If you are looking for the best book publisher in Chandigarh then considering Saptrishi Publication is the best option for you.

What is meant by book publishing?

Book publishing means making literature, content, or information publicly available for sale either paid or free. The publishing process seems to look complex but actually, it is the same as making any other products ready for the market. But it doesn’t mean everyone can publish their books on their own. It required professionalism and expertise throughout the process from acquisition to publicity of books.

So if you are searching for the best book publisher in Chandigarh then your search end here, because Saptrishi Publication company is UGC recognized and one of the best book publishers company in Chandigarh which offers you entire publishing services and professional touch to your book.

Who is the Publisher?

The publisher is the one who is responsible to bring the books to the reader. Publication spends huge time on production, printing, and distribution. The publisher may be an organization or individual. The one who is publishing the book must have an individual who has strong communication skills, analytical reading skills, etc.

Why choose the Saptrishi Publication?

  • Have 12 years of experience in book publishing.
  • 6000+ books published till now.
  • Most economical and trusted book publisher in India.
  • Offer worldwide publicity and distribution of books.
  •  Publish books for both new as well as renowned authors.
  • Select your package according to your budget.
  • Get your book published within 15 days in printed and E-book form.

Services that we offer

  • Professional typing – professional typing is an integral part of book publishing as it gives an error-free and polished version of the text.

  • Professional editing – the quality of editorial services can impact your published work. Professional editing will save you from painful rejection and negative impressions.

  • Professional designing – in today’s world books are judged by their cover so the cover design must have professionalism in it as it gives the first impression to the reader and conveys the theme of your book.

  • Translation – translation helps the author in reaching a wider audience as it ends the language barrier. Saptrishi Publication offers multi-language translations of books in Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, English, etc.

  • Best quality printing – printing quality is also a key factor as it creates an impression in the mind of the reader about the value of content.

  • E-book creation – the E-book creation service is an important feature of the publishing house because in the era of the internet everything is shifting online and hence books. Nowadays people mostly prefer to read online.

  • Professional Marketing – printing the book is not the end of publishing the book. The days are gone when people will buy your product just because you produce it. In the competitive market environment, you have to reach out to the user to create awareness, communicate, and explain the benefits.

Saptrishi Publication in Chandigarh will give you professional services and helps you in making a renowned author from an unknown author at the most economical charges.

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