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The Saptarishi Publication intends to create a revolution in the book industry. We published our best national and international literature books at a very reasonable price. As part of this mission, we published books written by renowned authors. Along with this, we also encourage new authors by providing them with equal chances.  The new author's books were well received by readers. To make new authors renowned authors if they deserve it is our mission.  We have succeeded in our mission. We are very pleased to establish the new authors as renowned authors.  

 We promised to provide our readers with the best literature and valuable books.  In addition to publishing the best literature in Punjabi, Hindi, English, Urdu, Sanskrit, and other Indian languages, we have also established a translation team to discover the best books from the worldwide literature. For readers, we have translated them into Punjabi. Team members did an excellent job finding this type of literature and translating it into Punjabi from different languages. Saptarishi publication publishes these translated books in Punjabi. Punjabi literature is translated into other languages. In this way, we can expand our writers' reach internationally. 

 Providing quality design layout up to the mark of Oxford press books is always one of our core missions. For this, we work continuously. In some ways, we have succeeded. To achieve this, we are paying particular attention to the cover design. We have an expert team of designers that can design beautiful and eye-catching covers for our books. The designs we have produced are of the highest quality. These designs are appealing to readers. We are gratified to be able to improve the appearance of books for writers. Having our books included in the beautiful books makes us extremely proud. 

Proofreading is one of the most important steps in the publishing process. In our books, we are always very careful to avoid mistakes. We believed that we would never make a mistake in publishing a book. Every book we publish is error-free. Readers and writers are very happy about this.

After the publication of a book, it is important to get the books into the hands of readers. Our attention is focused specifically on this issue. Numerous publishers produce books continuously without being able to reach the hands of the readers. As a result, writers' hard work becomes useless. Saptarshi Publication has an established team for marketing and distribution. It works hard to achieve its mission. For this purpose, we are working offline and online where we are updating our books on the Flipkart, Amazon, Saptarshi Publication website and selling at a big level. Books are available in book and ebook form on these websites. 

Offline book marketing is a very important part of Indian traditional marketing. Readers want to go to the shops and buy the books of their choice.  We try our best to make them reachable to every bookshop and even two very small book shops so that readers can buy the books from booksellers. 

Besides this, we have a counter sale from the main office of the Saptarshi Publication where readers, school library, college buy books from  Publication.  For the distance l and learners, we have a VPP facility and courier facility to send these books worldwide. This is a very big plot to establish the writers as renowned writers. 

It is very important that authors also receive reality in the publication of their books. Hard-working writers receive money for their efforts.

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