Author – Ben Noah Suri
Published By – Saptrishi Publications
Subject – Stories

“Madras Nalla Madras: Madras Namba Madras” is a collection of stories penned by Ben Noah Suri. The book contains 11 stories set in the backdrop of Ben’s favorite city, Madras The stories in this book are narrations of life in the city as seen by Ben Noah Suri. While a few of the stories here reveal the shortcomings and underbelly of the city, this book is all about the city and its impact on Ben. No attempt has been made to portray Madras negatively but Ben has just told it as he sees it without being judgemental in any way. For Ben, Madras is all about the common people who inhabit the city; their hopes, dreams, emotions, and feelings, and his stories are all about the same. The book highlights the uniqueness of Madras. It talks of the modernity of the city and is tongue-in-cheek about the inhabitants of the city. Ben has attempted to do justice to the city and his collection makes for interesting reading.