Pakistan The Illegitimate Child of Winston Churchill

Author – Sukhchain Singh Lang & Manjot Kaur Lang
Published By – Saptrishi Publications
Subject – Prose

Partition of India has been discussed by many in the past. This book, however, provides us with a totally fresh perspective. An in-depth research on the topic, by the authors, led to this amazing work. Book goes on to quote various Pakistani scholars including Ayesha Jalal and Istihad Ahmed to present a balanced and unbiased viewpoint.
The authors discuss various diplomatic and political options, which could have been considered by the leaders, to avoid partition. They underscore how the creation of Pakistan was in the long term politico-strategic interest of the British against the newly emerging superpowers, post World War-II.
This is a must read book, not only for the students of History, but also for anyone preparing for various competitive examinations.
-Vikram Jeet Duggal,
IPS Commissioner of Police, Amritsar