6 Best Book Marketing Ideas That Every Author Should Try

6 Best Book Marketing Ideas That Every Author Should Try

Marketing is one of the things authors often complain about, and also causes them the most trouble. The process of marketing your self-published novel is a lengthy and difficult task. No matter if you're a veteran author or are a new novelist you’ll have to harness your authorpreneur determination to get people to buy and take the time to read your book. Begin with these suggestions and establish your author's image that will result in more sales as your connections and your backlist grow. The art of marketing self-published books is not an easy task however the rewards will be worth it!

1. Build Relationships Before You Need Them

Begin to work on your book's publication at least six months or one year ahead of time since that's the bare minimum amount of time needed to establish your connection.

It is important to try to stay under the radar of influential people by assisting them. If you've got a website, for example, blogs or podcasts do an interview with them and offer the opportunity to be seen as you can. Subscribe to their programs and follow their successes.

Once the time is right send out influencers with the book and ask them to endorse the book or a review. If they are satisfied enough, they could recommend it to their followers.

2. Write a Killer Description

Even if the book you write is great it's unlikely that anyone will take it out and go through it without knowing the subject matter. This is where your “book review shines".

Your description is the one you're using to market your book. It is recommended to write several variations of your description. Then, after you've written these versions, ask for feedback about which is most efficient. The process of marketing your work will become more effective with a good description in hand.

The description should catch the eye and should be able to clearly define what the novel is about. Do not divulge plot details obviously, but do highlight the most intriguing aspects to capture and hold the readers' interest.

3. It’s not just about making a sale, you're also selling yourself

No matter if you're an enthusiastic newbie self-publisher, or a seasoned writer's society, when you publish is one of the biggest issues there is no one who will make your brand reputation for you. (Unless you engage a publicist, obviously and we're not discussing paid solutions in this article.)

Establishing a strong brand of your own allows you to stand out from other authors and create an association with your prospective readers as well as your existing ones. Be aware that anything you share on social media could be used against or for you. Your political views and your most loved books are all factors on which potential readers will judge your credibility.

Since the public will evaluate you in the end so it's best you take the matter into your own hands. It is recommended to start an author's profile as soon as you can (and make sure your personal information is private) to ensure you don't cause any ill feelings because of what you share and you don't send your acquaintances mad by continually boasting about your latest book. (Which is something you ought to do, in fact. Writing an entire book is an incredible accomplishment.)

Don't limit yourself to discussing your book on your personal page. You are an individual with many hobbies. It can help to show yourself through the process of writing your book. The author has an initial point of departure and must overcome hurdles in order to accomplish your goals. If you're selling your book, you're selling yourself. This allows your readers to form connections with the author.

4. There is no such thing as something called “too early"

Marketing your ebook doesn't begin until your book has been published. It doesn't have to begin after you've written the book. It is possible to (and should) begin to promote your book after you've begun the writing (friendly reminder: ensure that you complete it. Otherwise, you'll be flooded with dissatisfied prospective readers! ).

Are you writing while listening to the specific playlist? Do you want to share it? Are you a drafter? Do you own sketches or drawings? Take them to Instagram. There's nobody on earth who doesn't want to know what's happening “behind what happens behind". Create anticipation and increase the interest of readers: it'll be repaid later on when your book is published.

5. Get Reviews

The author must invest a lot of time to get those reviews. In the book as well as the email address on his list. Invite readers to submit reviews. The book should prompt readers to share their opinions immediately after having completed the book. They are entitled to their opinion.

One way to work well is to offer a complimentary copy of the book to people who are willing to share their honest reviews.

6. Go Beyond the Book

Book launches don't have to be the ultimate purpose. It's the start of a larger procedure, like the launch of a new product or marketing funnel. This will allow you to establish your authority and generate more income for yourself.

For this, make sure you are sure to communicate with your book readers frequently so that you can own and control your relationships with them.

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