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The Exclusive Notes on English-Grammar & Hindi-English Translation

Author Name – JP Gupta
Published By – Saptrishi Publications
Subject – Grammar

English is an international language because it is spoken almost all over the world. This enables anyone to communicate with the entire world. Without communication, a man is as if he had been living in a dense forest. To have all-around progress at the world level, one must know at least three languages: the language of the place where he or she resides; the language of one’s nation where one is a citizen, i.e., one’s mother tongue; and the international one.
Without a doubt, English is a wonderful language, but it is also the most amusing. It has rules but no rules. As we have in the practise and law of banking, where rules are usually defied in practice, so it is followed in the English language as well. Going through this entire book, you will learn all about these peculiar phenomena. In some parts, the practise is followed, i.e., against the rules of grammar, while in others, the rules are followed, but both are acceptable in English-society. This book contains the matter in such a form that it will make the English-learners learn this English language to be more practical, easier to understand, and learn well. This book contains the required material just to make the entire subject more interesting and lovable, neither in short nor in excess, keeping in view, ‘The less you read, the more you remember; the more you read, the more you forget’. The rest, you will learn by the practise of reading and writing. This book, ‘The Exclusive Notes on English-Grammar & Hindi-English Translation’, is not authored by anyone; rather, it is a collection of notes from different sources to make the English-Grammar/subject and Hindi-English translation more practical, workable, and
understandable to all the English-learners who are completely new to this subject. Secondly, please be informed and notified that this book is being published only for Educational Purposes and not for any commercial or income-gaining purpose. Hence, this book is being sold on a no-profit and no-loss basis in the interest of society, and strictly and purely for educational purposes only, to help all English-learners. Thirdly, this book does not have any copyright. Though all-round efforts have been made to make this book mistake-free, still, mistakes are bound to be made due to human errors. Hence, the learners are most welcome to please inform us of any mistakes they come across so as to be rectified at our end.