Cerebral Spark IELTS

Author Name – Rashmi Sabharwal
Published By – Saptrishi Publications
Subject – Literature

Do you remember how you learnt your mother tongue? Well, before a child utters the first word of his life, he has already started understanding the language people speak around him, so the first skill that he develops is listening. Then he picks up words and arranges them in sentences. Mind you, he speaks grammatically correct sentences in his mother tongue. Later when he goes to school, he recognizes the alphabets and learns the skill of reading. The last skill that he develops is that of writing. This is the natural and effortless process of learning a language.
Well, this is the order in which English is taught in our institution. We adopt a systematic and step-by step approach, moving from easy to difficult for teaching English in a very spontaneous manner.
It is heartening to see that the students, starting from scratch gradually feel comfortable in using English appropriately and fluently in real life situations i.e in speaking to someone, in listening to a lecture, in reading a feature article, in writing an essay and in discussing a topic with friends. No doubt, the high score in IELTS is the natural by-product of this method.