An Introduction to Sports Journalism

Author Name – Dr. Harish Batish, Dr. Aruna Gulati, Dr. Rita Jain, Mr. Rajnish Sharma
Published By – Saptrishi Publications
Subject – Literature

We are happy to present the 1st edition of this book An Introduction to Sports Journalism. The field is not new in the foreign countries but in India it is still in its infancy. The other fields or journalism were more emphasized and this field remained much ignored. Many sports journalists come from different fields of education and they feel the need of some good study material to get the first hand knowledge of sports journalism. In this book we tried to incorporate such topics which give brief insight of the sports journalism field. The book introduces stepwise the Communication Process, its types, barriers to communication and various media of communication; Journalism as a profession and its specialized forms; Structure, writing styles and types of news; News Gathering, sourcing and interviewing process; Feature writing and types of feature; History and evolution of sports journalism; working of a sports journalist and finally how to write sports news, features, their editing and page designing. We have made a humble endeavour in this booklet to present each topic more lucidly and simple way. We are sure the students will appreciate this first edition and find it more useful for the budding sports journalists. We will also try to improve this book after getting suggestions from media persons, media teachers and media students and surely will be coming up with another edition of the book. The authors appreciate the suggestions received from peer, colleagues and students for feedback and improvements in the book. Thanks and Best Wishes to all the readers.