How Much Does it Cost to Self-publish Book in India?

How Much Does it Cost to Self-publish a Book in India?


With the advent of self-publishing companies, book publishing in India is now very easy. It used to be difficult to publish a book here.

It was difficult for authors to understand how publishing works, who to contact, and how to design a cover page. Because a common person can’t publish a book without a great manuscript, Self-Publishing companies have emerged in India.

We have seen a rise in self-publishing in India, despite the fact that many traditional publishers don’t accept unsolicited work.

We will be discussing the different publishing options in India, as well as the costs involved in publishing books in India. This article will cover traditional publishing methods, self-publishing, and Amazon KDP E-book publishing.

These are the key steps to publishing a book in India with cost

1. Plagiarism Check Process and Cost

Before publishing, the publisher must first check whether the submitted manuscript contains any plagiarized content. Many plagiarism-checking websites are available online, both for free and for a fee. These websites can be used to verify that your content has not been plagiarized.

Cost of plagiarism check: 0/- (You can use free online tools for this process)

2. Book Editing Cost

Voracious readers tend to be very careful about spelling and grammar. A book can be sold more easily if it is edited well.

There are two types of editing. Comprehensive editing and copy editing are two types of editing. Comprehensive editing can include grammar, spelling, punctuation, and copy editing. It will also assist with plot changes and suggestions to improve the book.

Cost of book editing in India: Copy editing (50-80 paisa/word) & Comprehensive Editing (80paisa- 1 Rs/word) 

3. Book Cover Design Cost

The book cover is your salesperson. It’s important to make a good first impression. To attract the maximum number of people to your book, you need a cover page that is attractive. You can create a cover page yourself with websites such as, or hire professional designers who are skilled in software like Photoshop and illustrator.

Book cover design cost in India: (2000Rs – 5000Rs from basic to digitally hand-sketched images)

4. Book ISBN NumberCost

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. It is a unique identification for every book published. The website provides India’s ISBN number. A small form must be submitted along with your book’s cover page, a blurb, and the number of pages.

Cost of ISBN Application for Books in India: 0/- INR (It is a free process)

5. Barcode Generation

Once you have received your 13-digit ISBN Number, you can use different barcode generators online to generate the barcode for your publication. There are a variety of free tools on the internet that will help you complete this task for you.

Cost of  barcode generation for books in India: 0 /- INR  (It is a free process)

6. Book Printing Services and Costs in India

There are two kinds of printing used extensively in books: Offset Printing as well as Digital Printing. Digital printing is efficient to print limited copies of books while Offset printing is efficient for printing large quantities of books (500 copies or more). There are a lot of reliable book printing businesses in India that offer excellent book printing services for a reasonable price in India.

Cost of book printing services in India: 50 paisa- 1 Rs/page on an average  

7. Cost of Copyrights Application for Books

The most crucial and difficult aspect of publishing a book, which guarantees that the book is owned by the author. Copyrights guarantee that you are the sole owner of the contents of your book and help prevent any legal issues in the case of plagiarism. 

Two physical copies of your book as well as an application form, and an acknowledgment form in an envelope of 500rs in stamps. Make sure you get this form from a professional Copyrights agency since you have to be very cautious when filling in the form with the correct information.

Cost of copyrights application for books: 50 paisa- 1 Rs/page on an average

8. Book Listing Cost on Ecommerce Platforms

After receiving copyright protection for your book, it is time to list it for sale on various e-commerce platforms in India. Though there are several sites that offer physical and digital books, Amazon, Flipkart, Kobo, Google Books, Apple Books and more are the most popular choices.

In order to market your list directly on Amazon you need to make a merchant account here; for which you can consult an Amazon Trained Ecommerce Specialist (ATES) or join their Seller Affiliate Programme for assistance.

Cost of book printing services in India: 50 paisa- 1 Rs/page on an average

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